Delhi Defense для кабачков

Delhi Defense предлагает защиту от вируса ToLCNDV.

Этот вирус создает множество проблем для производителей, особенно в Средиземноморском регионе. Решение - устойчивые гибриды. Кабачки из линейки с Delhi Defense компании Rijk Zwaan защищены от заражения вирусом Нью-Дели курчавости листьев (ToLCNDV).

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Why growers choose Delhi Defense

The New Delhi virus can cause considerable damage to courgette crops because it leads to severe leaf curl and stunted growth. Besides that, it completely stops the plant’s development. Delhi Defense courgette varieties have a strong resistance against this virus, resulting in stable production and higher-quality fruits. Growers need to use fewer crop protection agents, which leads to better working conditions, more sustainable production and interesting sales opportunities. Delhi Defense gives growers greater peace of mind throughout the crop cycle.

Benefits of Delhi Defense

  • Stable and sustainable production
  • High-quality fruits
  • Less need for crop protection agents
  • Better working conditions

Courgette varieties with Delhi Defense

The Delhi Defense courgette varieties are indicated by the Delhi Defense label. These varieties are the result of many years of research and breeding work by the Rijk Zwaan team.

ToLCNDV virus in susceptible courgette varieties

An infection with the New Delhi virus becomes apparent very suddenly, after which it is often impossible to save the plants. The whitefly Bemisia tabaci is the most important vector of the virus. Since ToLCNDV thrives in hot and humid conditions, it is most prevalent in the summer and autumn.

This plant virus can affect the leaves and fruits at any stage of production, resulting in small, misshapen fruits and ultimately in a lower yield. The New Delhi virus can cause significant damage to courgette crops, since most of the affected plants die.

Trials reveal clear differences

Results from trials show a clear difference between a susceptible variety and a Delhi Defense variety. The resistant plants look healthy, remain symptom-free and continue to produce high-quality fruits.

Minimising the risk of spread

Although the Delhi Defense courgette varieties are resistant, they are not 100% protected. In order to minimise the risk of spread, growers are advised to choose a Delhi Defense variety, keep the whitefly population down and closely monitor the development of symptoms in other host plants.